Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fulltime non-dissertator (it seems)

I can't believe the week is nearly over. I've done a lot and yet very little of it is related to my dissertation! Wow. So many meetings and errands and extra-curricular commitments . . . and I haven't even hit up an indie show yet.

This morning started off inauspiciously. I woke up really early and did some work---good!---and then headed off to school for tutorial. I entered the classroom early and waited. And waited some more. No students came. At twenty minutes past the hour (ten minutes after the class is meant to start) I wrote a note on the board and went to check my e-mail. Figured it was possible I missed something. But no, there was nothing. So I went back and waited another ten minutes before giving up completely.

The next tutorial at noon was well attended and went really smoothly. The students had a very interesting debate, and I think I'll really like tutorials this year. Yay! Afterwards I went to Massey for lunch, and then crossed the street to the Munk Centre for an interesting talk. There really is great stuff there. It's just key not to go there too often, or else I'd never get ANY work done. In all my travels thus far I'd managed to run into all kinds of good people I know.

After the talk I ran some more errands, and chatted with one of my supervisors about where we both are with work. Unplanned meetings are good!

But then I checked my e-mail and found out that a bunch of students had been waiting for me at 11am . . . in another classroom! What the hell. A few e-mails later it turns out the room had been changed and the professor sent the students an e-mail telling them this, but I wasn't sent the message. Oh well. Not my fault for missing the class, but I feel badly for the students.

More errands and conversations, and then it was time for dinner at Massey (yes, again). I went so I could meet with the other lecture series coordinators, so it was a bit of a working dinner. The food was decent, if expectedly bland. I can't imagine eating there regularly after having lived with FN. It would be such a letdown for my tastebuds. I had to hang around after dinner to chair the lecture happening in the evening. Did that. And I was home by 10pm. LONG DAY.

So, the day wasn't chock full of stuff, but it was pretty tiring, as you can imagine. I didn't get a lot done; this was unavoidable because of the timing of everything. I did talk with a whole slew of good people, so I can't complain about that. But, seriously: if I'm ever going to get going on my dissertation, I need to stay home and force myself to do it. Monday. Yes, for sure.

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