Friday, September 21, 2007

So I'm going to be busy now.

I've recently come to the conclusion that in order for me to be productive and get things done, I need to be busy and have lots of my plate. Although having a bunch of non-dissertation things to do means I have less time to spend on said dissertation, the reality is that when I am not under a time-crunch, I don't get much done. This week I had a bunch of meetings and such, and felt good about my productivity. Yesterday I didn't have any meetings during the day and spent too much time lazing about, checking the internet, etc. So last night, after a great history pub night at the Pour House, I went out for some indie music instead of coming home and doing work right away.

Yes, more indie music! (I hadn't been out to a show since last Friday, so it's not like I'm going crazy with it.) Last night was the No Shame show at Tiger Bar, one of my favourite venues. I went by myself and although I'd met a guy in one of the bands before, I didn't expect to see anyone else there I knew. And I didn't, but I made friends! The evening was great fun. It was nice to see Llions again---they are lovely, and I chatted with the twins after their set. And Oh No! Forest Fires was awesome! The bass player from Five Blank Pages, who looks a little out of place in that band, now has a band where the other members are rocking out nearly as hard as him! Very lively bunch. I'm glad I went, though my ears are still ringing . . . .

In a few hours I'm off to school for a meeting of our student society. There's a new president this year---as there always is in September---so we'll see what we'll see. I love meetings, and have high hopes for this one! ;-)

But the most exciting news of the day is the Woodhands/BoyBallz show tonight!

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