Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Friday.

I had yet another session to go to on Friday at school. This time a group of professors who will help students on the (academic) job market held a meeting for PhD students. Although I won't be on the job market for at least a year (if not longer), I figured it was good to hear what they had to say. And it was. Some useful information was given out. The most interesting part of the two hours wasn't what the profs and the grad students were saying; rather, it was funny to see a young female professor who, frankly, in this setting is super hot, and a young male professor who came across as a complete wanker. Entertaining times as usual in the Department of History. (I shouldn't gossip, but seriously: the dude needs to behave himself better.)

After the session I walked over to the north east side of campus and found the Emmanuel College library. What a beautiful place! A handful of useful books for my first chapter were there, and although I had put off the trip---this is a part of campus I rarely venture to---it was totally worth it. Once I was done checking things out, I noticed that the Victoria College book sale was on right next door. I've never done any of the well-known fall book sales on campus, so decided to see what was what. There were a ton of good history books (and lots of other stuff, I'm sure, though I didn't pay any attention to it). Twelve dollars later I had few new (used) things to add to my collection. Awesome.

Not long after I got home FN and I went off to celebrate SA's 30th! Good times, lots of laughter, etc. And by 1am FN, MB, and I had arrived at Sneaky Dee's to hit up the dance floor. Unfortunately, this was terrible timing on our part: a dreadful DJ was doing his thing for nearly another hour, and we only had 20 or so minutes at the end to party the right way to tunes chosen by the DJ we came to see/hear. But we made the best of things and when we couldn't take it anymore we reposed to the back and people-watched. There were some interesting characters about that evening.

On the way home we went to see a garden SA told us about . . . the bushes/flowers are, erm, rather erotic. Bizarre.

So when will I write my dissertation? This is unclear at the moment. The popular answer amongst advanced PhD students seems to be, "in fifteen minutes a day!" Hahaha.

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