Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cold with a cold.

It's been pretty chilly in the past few days here in TO. Monday wasn't so bad, but the couple days previously: brrr! The worst part is that the house is freezing because we don't get enough sunlight to warm the place during the day, and the heat isn't on yet. I've been wearing tons of layers and shivering. It's terrible. I also think that the cold is keeping me sick. I haven't been able to shake this cold yet, which is exceedingly annoying.

This morning I went to go deal with things and ran errands pretty much all afternoon. I got a blood test at the health clinic, and, oh my, I did not expect to be an invalid for hours after. My arm was sore, and it's still not completely better. Ouch!

My new plan of working hard and playing hard is getting off to a rocky start. Errands take up so much time! But I have been working away for the past few hours, so I'm feeling good about that.

Phlegm, go a-way! Ick.

P.S. I got over my feelings of being a loser Sunday night. Granted, I may still be a loser, but it's good that I no longer feel like one.

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