Thursday, September 13, 2007

Back on Blogger.

I haven't felt like blogging in a while. A lot's been going on . . . very little of it having to do with dissertating, unfortunately. I've been seeing more shows, meeting new people---at various orientation events---getting started on new projects and tasks, and generally filling my time with errands (important!) and hanging out (fun!) and being unproductive (it happens!). School is now back on, and soon I will know my TA schedule and will be able to plan my life better. For the past several days I've been ill (ugh! blech!), which has sapped any energy I had for working on anything difficult.

My next manoeuvre will definitely be to write myself a to-do list, and start getting on it. I think I'm mentally prepared to tackle my chapter outline and get it done and off to my committee. I'm eager to start organizing my first chapter!

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