Sunday, September 23, 2007

Partied out.

After pretty much sleeping and lazing about all day Saturday, we went out again, this time to the Boat in Kensington Market. We all love this venue, and wanted to check out the monthly French pop dance party, Zoi Zoi. And so we did. But first FN, JH, and I went to CB's lovely new apartment for a glass of wine, and then a quick bite at Massimo's to gear up for dancing. (The wine was excellent, and so was the pizza. Should do that again!)

Zoi Zoi is a cultural mainstay of Toronto's indie scene, and it mostly lived up to the hype. FN had a great time, and the rest of us had a good to great time ourselves. I found some of the DJing a bit off, which awkward pauses between songs in the beginning, and beats that didn't match up. This, combined with some undanceable music, made for a less-than-stellar dancing experience. Good thing the crowd was enthusiastic and dressed for the occasion---a veritable indie fashion show, with all kinds of interesting retro elements---and we were surrounded by port-hole mirrors and people were know and like a lot. I recommend checking it out if you're interested, but I wouldn't necessarily go again. I'm certainly glad I did go this one time, though.

On Sunday we had to get up and go for dim sum, which was great fun. Some of the same people came out, in addition to other friends of ours. The food was yummy and surprisingly cheap! We crammed 12 people at our table and most of us seemed to be having a blast. I must admit to bad behaviour on my part, though. I was invited to a birthday party at a friend's house this coming Friday, and of course I am looking forward to celebrating with all and sundry. But I also want to go dancing later that night, after midnight. First of all, I think it was uncool of me to make plans to go out later, even though the party gets started early. Second of all, I started talking about my dancing plans to the friend who's having the party, having completely forgotten about it at that point. So I feel like an ass, and I think I am one for what I've done. What's done it done. Sigh.

Our bellies full, a bunch of us went to Moonbean cafe after dim sum to drink and chat some more, and suddenly it was after 4pm! So FN and I ran off to buy groceries in the market before the stores closed.

After a late afternoon nap and a fabulous salmon and couscous dinner, I'm feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the week. There was definitely too much partying this weekend, but I think without the all-nighter after Friday things would have been better. I'll try to avoid that in future.

Tomorrow I get to meet Ursula Franklin. And Tuesday I hold my first tutorial session in two and a half years. Eek!

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Alexandra said...

tomorrow is my first tutorial EVER! eeek (2)