Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Socializing, shopping

After another busy weekend of socializing---housewarming at SF and GO's place; birthday party and housewarming at AT and J's place; Nuit Blanche with YT, FN, and CLM; Sunday dinner with FN's cool girl-friends---today I got back to, well, not doing school work. Crap. I woke up very late. As in, 2:14pm. And I had a meeting scheduled with one of my supervisors for 2:30. Needless to say, I didn't make it, but called him instead to talk about my upcoming research trip to Ottawa. He had some good advice for me.

Later in the afternoon and through the evening, FN and I went shopping. I was in search of nice grey flannel type work-y pants to wear to nice-ish events and perhaps some nice tops to go with the pants. I didn't manage to find those things, but I did come home with decent striped grey work-y pants. They'll do. I also got a red v-neck sweater and a couple casual tops, and 7 pairs of socks. Because one can never have too many socks. (Shopping for clothes is really hard when you're me. Or FN. Though she looks good in more things than I look good in. Pity me.)

A very late dinner at home was followed by, well, what I'm doing now: catching up on little errands. I will hopefully be more productive tomorrow. There's a talk I might go to, and maybe I'll skip our departmental coffee hour and go to the library instead. This will be followed by the lecture for the class I TA for. And then there's a dinner thing at Massey I must attend. Seriously, people, my life is all about not getting any actual work done these days. It's terrible!

P.S. FN is no longer sick, but I'm sure she'd still appreciate sympathy and bouquets of flowers.

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