Monday, October 30, 2006

Day 1 at the archives.

Well, I went to the archives and started my research. It was a good day. The weather was amazing, and so I took some time after lunch---I ate amongst Minnesota undergrads in a cafeteria---to stroll around campus a bit. But not for too long, because I do have work to do!

I found out a lot of stuff today, stuff that I wouldn't have known except by coming here and reading about on old pieces of paper! There's lots more to do for the next week. At the moment, my brain is a little fried.

After my day was over, I went with TT to the local organic grocery store to get food for myself and for dinner tonight. We had yummy pasta, bread, and I contributed my specialty: salad! BC and TT's housemates joined us, and Kwill provided some of the entertainment. The other guy's strong Minnesotan accent provided some of the rest.

Oh, I almost forgot! I saw my first real-life Arby's today, and had "shmear" on my bagel this morning . . . AKA cream cheese. Three pictures to share with you. First, my station at the archives; second, campaigners for an independent gubernatorial candidate (remember: elections are next Tueday [Toosday]); third, downtown Minnesota as seen from the East Bank of campus.

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