Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Just one of the insane plans hatched by two young(ish), bored women.

FN has decided that I need to hook up with Zach, a NYU grad student who blogs. Not that she actually knows the dude, or anything. I pointed out to her that while I appreciate her turning her matchmaking gaze my way, this sounds a litte nutty. Not least because, well, we don't know the dude. Or even live in the same city/country. But she persisted. So I then changed tactics. For round two, I employed the, "well, he does seem lovely, and it would be great to meet him, but methinks perhaps he is a little too intense for boring old me." And did this sway her? Hell, no. In fact---and here I must admit that I immediately saw the lameness of my retort---she insisted that the intense hippie type was exactly the sort of man for me! I (once again) lamely complained that he would make me think too hard on a daily basis were I to date him. (Thinking hard is hard work, after all, and who wants to do that?) But, again, FN thought this was a perfect reason to get in touch with said blogger. Sigh. I then compounded my troubles by suggesting (jokingly of course, in the stalker-joke kind of way) that I could add him to my AOL chat list. But she thought I was being serious. Oh, woman.

Perhaps when she e-mails her one-true-love, Sufjan Stevens, I will tell Zach about our meant-to-be-ness.

I will give the lady the last word (at the risk of her yelling at me upon reading this): "I'm not crazy! this is serendipity or something....that I found this guy...on the interweb....for you!"


FN said...

But he also loves the baby Panda!! It's meant to be!!!

Alexandra said...

Hey Jen!

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a note! Although I´m having fun here, I do miss U of T...