Thursday, October 05, 2006

Reinstalling, loading, hoping.

At the moment I am in the process of restoring my files and downloading the programs I lost when I wiped my hard drive clean and reinstalled Windows. It's taking a long time. But so far, so good! All my e-mails seem to be intact, and my research and school files seem to all be here too. Yay!

The only dissertation-related work I did today was to speak to an archivist from Library and Archives Canada. She gave me some good suggestions for I might look at next week when I'm in Ottawa. I'll also head over to the new(ish) War Museum for some research, and will hopefully be able to spend some time exploring the museum itself. I'm looking forward to my week in Ottawa. I'll be spending time with my mom, catching up with my sister and brother during Thanksgiving, and then spending the rest of my time in archives. I'll hopefully also meet up with a couple friends who live in Ottawa. Should be a nice week, but a busy one! The worst part of next Tuesday through Friday will be my waking hour: I'll have to catch a bus into downtown at 7:30am, I think. Ugh.

Yesterday I skipped out of lecture (for the class I'm TAing) an hour early to go to an event at Massey. (The Master's Buffet Dinner.) It was really nice. I got to chat with some nice people, most of them new acquaintances. One guy is, well, kinda unreal. Let me explain. He did his undergrad at the most prestigious institution in the US, and his doctorate at the most pretigious university overseas, and is now in med school here. Oh, and he's nice and personable, well-dressed, and good-looking. (And younger than me, of course.) WTF?! Insanity. In other frivolous news, I saw handsome guy, but I didn't manage (once again) to actually talk to him.

Tonight EC invited us over for pizza dinner an ANTP-watching. AG, PB, and a couple other people were there. Good times. I'm glad PB took some time out of his insanely busy schedule to chill with us for a couple hours. Does that guy ever sleep, AG?

I will continue my downloading, etc.

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