Sunday, October 15, 2006

Back in T.O.

I had a lovely (if tired) last day in Ottawa, hanging at LAC, having lunch with old friend JH, running into former Carleton colleagues, and chatting with my bus driver. My mom and I then watched "The Stepford Wives," which is one of her favourite movies, and I must say that it is quite good. Freaky! (The original movie, of course. Not the Nicole Kidman version, which I haven't seen.)

After hurriedly packing all my stuff Saturday morning, my mom and I did a bagel run before she dropped me off at the train station. The (rather cute) guy at the bagel store told me he once had a customer who bought 5 dozen bagels to bring back with him to Toronto! I believe it, because it is impossible to get good bagels here.

It was a little sad leaving Ottawa, but it's good to be back. I was pleasantly surprised at the train station that the bag I had left behind was at the lost & found waiting for me! Which means I don't have to buy another pink scarf.

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E :) said...

Stepford Wives would be better if Nicole Kidman weren't in it! AAAARGH!