Monday, July 14, 2008


My week of many shows (an all-too common thing) continued Friday at Sneaks with DD/MM/YYYY and openers the Mae-Shi (from LA) and Special Noise (Halifax, now based in Montreal). It was a good show, and my first time seeing DD/MM/YYYY ("Day Month Year"). They were great.

On Saturday I caught Coast Guard and then the Miles. I LOVE the Miles! What an amazing band. So good, those kids. Afterwards I went to the Boat for Bang the Party and got there in time for Marienbad's second set of the night. The transition from DJs to band was perfect: I almost didn't notice. Well done.

Sunday I was busy, busy with the podcast and meeting friends, and had a great time at Wavelength. (More Sneaky Dee's in one weekend is always a good thing.) I finally got to see/hear/experience Henri Faberge & the Adorables. !! So awesome. Costumed craziness and totally infectious, dance-y, happy indie pop. It really was something to be a part of. They played all new songs (except for their encore), and under a different name. (It was a secret show.) So very, very fun.


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Henry said...

I'm so glad you had a lovely time at our show. What with their intensely chaotic schedules, it's such a delight to spend time with the Adorables whenever I can, and Sunday's show was truly a culmination of heartfelt feelings for our shared experiences and for one another.

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historyjen said...

Thanks Henry! haha.
Your set really was great!

Paul said...

henry, i think comment reviews are your calling. that was amazing.