Thursday, July 24, 2008

Problems both fixed and not.

I spent three more hours with various tech support people Wednesday night. That meant I was definitely not going out.

I spent a lovely mid-day in the Annex and Kensington Market. It was raining at first, but soon cleared up and was sunny and warm (but not too warm) the rest of the afternoon and early evening. I came home with a new (used) book for my books-that-relate-to-my-dissertation collection, and a new (used) pair of Converse sneakers. It's now even less likely you will ever see me wearing anything other than Converse. What can I say? They fit, they're comfortable, and they're cute.

I am confused about life things. I'm over (mostly) my angst about school/job things. Now I'm having other kinds of angst. Not really angst, I guess, but generalized confusion about stuff. Stuff that I tend to avoid thinking about. But . . . sigh.


(I hope no one I know reads this blog.)

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