Monday, July 21, 2008

Bruce Peninsula.

I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon/early evening with RM. This involved ice cream, tea, Rotate This, the dog park, rain, and Vietnamese food. It rained pretty much all night, so I skipped out on my nighttime plans. Worked instead. And by work I mean I mostly finished my listings.

Sunday it was more weekend-only fun. I met up with BC and we took the ferry together with some people good people to the Toronto Islands. We avoided the puddles as best we could while walking to the church, where we were going to the Bruce Peninsula 7" release show. This one also featured Timber Timbre and Muskox, two local musical acts I have wanted to see. St.-Andrew-by-the-Lake was a great spot for this show. Every minute of it was fantastic. Bruce Peninsula was crazy-amazing to experience. It was a real treat to see/hear them in this church. What a great group. The MySpace tracks don't do justice to their indie gospel sound. At first there were 11 musicians on, err, at the front of the church, but the band was 10 for the rest of the evening. Ten, including some really fantastic performers like Maya Postepski, Katie Stelmanis, Matt Cully, Casey Mecija, Isla Craig, and Neil Haverty.

And Muskox . . . wow, I don't know how to describe their sound. They call themselves "prog Americana," which I suppose makes sense. My ignorant self would say they were unfolk-unjazz-experimental-instrumental goodness. Music you need to listen to and appreciate. Complex and interesting. But, one complaint: I dislike the saxophone. Not this particular musician (he's great). I just wish that the band had an oboe playing the sax parts instead. It would have been better, I think. I dislike the sax's metallic sound.

I got crappy pics, but they'll give you a sense of the setup.

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