Sunday, July 06, 2008

Life is good, cont'd.

I saw six bands Saturday night, after having seen Woodhands earlier in the day. Let's see . . . at the Velvet Underground: a band from Spain (whose name I did not catch), the Salarymen (good-different duo with ridiculous-good banter), and the Brown Hornets (ok, but I didn't need to stay for their entire set) . . . and at the Boat: the Skirtchasers (reminded me of the Pack A.D.), Terror Lake (good, must be seen again), and the Speaking Tongues (more excellent garage-y blues rock). That's a lot of music. The first show was exceptionally sparsely attended. The second one had a much healthier turnout, and therefore was more fun. That, and I LOVE being up at the front at a busy show with other people having a blast and dancing to great music happening right in front of us.

Sunday's been a day of dim sum with YT, then meandering (with a purpose) around Little Italy, Kensington Market, and Spadina with KH. I had watermelon and ran into people I knew. It was hot and sunny and excellent.

I'm on a fruit kick these days. Can't get enough. Now time for blueberries.

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