Saturday, July 05, 2008

I keep forgetting . . .

. . . to bring my camera when I go out. But you'll just have to take my word for it that Friday night after doing the podcast with TW, I went to a rooftop party in Kensington Market, where I (and many others) was (were) treated to performances by Jeannette Dowling, Brad Casey, Lowell Sostomi, and Hamilton Trading Co. A nice evening, music- and weather-wise. It was nice being on the roof. I am glad that I went. And I learned a few good things to know, too.

Saturday afternoon I biked down to Harbourfront to catch a free set by Woodhands as part of the Breaks, Beats, and Culture Festival. The duo was awesome, as usual. It was certainly different seeing them in a bright, sunny, outdoor, afternoon setting. A few of us in the front row were up and dancing, but the rest of the crowd was seated, enjoying the music. It was lovely. My love for Woodhands is renewed. Not that it needed to be, but an injection of Woodhands is always called for.

Afterwards I milled about, talking with friends and then went back stage for a bit while Tortured Soul was playing. They sounded pretty great: electro funk-soul, but less cheesy than that description makes it sound. Good stuff, but I wanted to get my bike adjusted and home before too late. (When I picked my freshly-fixed bike up from the shop a couple days ago, the seat was nearly a couple inches too high. Now it's good again.)

A young friend of mine who totally out-cools me in the indie scene has been convincing me all afternoon/evening to check out Salarymen at the Velvet Underground this evening. I just may do it. Maybe the Boat afterward, for the Speaking Tongues CD release.

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