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Indie Music 45 (28 Jul - 3 Aug 2008).

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Welcome to my weekly roundup of inexpensive indie(ish) musical happenings in downtown Toronto. I try to list as many shows here as I know about, though with a preference for listing those happening at venues I especially like, or featuring performers I know something about. This list is thus not comprehensive. In addition, I rarely list shows that cost $10 or more, and never ones that require advance ticket purchases. If I'm missing something or you have any comments, let me know.

In reverse chronological order, I took in Proof of Ghosts (!), Colourbook, Cobras Cobras Cobras, Think About Life (!), Miracle Fortress, Ruby Coast (!), Adam & the Amethysts, Colourbook (again), Brides, Cobras Cobras Cobras (again), $100, and Beth in Battle Mode. I spent some time at Yacht Rock, too, a crazy-fun dance party at the Boat. Yay Toronto.

Lots to see this week. I'm looking forward to seeing Jane Vain & the Dark Matter and The Craft Economy Tuesday night at the Horseshoe. Friday I must dance with OPOPO (as should you), and Saturday . . . maybe a nice evening at the Tranzac. Sunday is generally reserved for Wavelength. What will you do this week?

Tyler and I will have the podcast done today. Last week we didn't do one. (Sorry.)

MONDAY (28 jul)

Angela Bower (AKA Christine Bougie and Dafydd Hughes) @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7pm, pwyc.

Tongue (poetry and spoken word) feat. Sita Black (music) @ Concord Cafe, 8:30pm, free.

* Elvis Mondays presents Das Piumas, Sadie May Crash, Cadillacs of Men, the Human Statues, Red Monkey, and the People of Canada @ The Drake Underground, 9pm, free.

Groovy Mondays feat. Ian Foster, Kim Koren, and Lucas Stagg @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, free.

Marsupial Mondays presents Isla Craig, Eiyn Sof, and Snowblink @ Tranzac (Tiki Room), 10pm, pwyc/$5.

Hungry Hyps and Bron Halpin (debut) @ Smiling Buddha, 9pm, $5. I will be here.

Dopplehertz & Rotten present Metronomy w/ Modele @ The Social, 10pm, $5 (b4 11pm; $10 after).

TUESDAY (29 jul)

Janet Macpherson @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

* The Edge 102.1 Dave Bookman's Nu Music Nite feat. Quaqmyre @ 11:40, The Craft Economy @ 10:50, The Warped 45’s @ 10:00, and & Jane Vain & The Dark Matter @ 9:10. The Horseshoe Tavern, 8:30pm, free.

Europe in Colour and Hmmm @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Mitch Girio (King Kong Girio) and Taffy @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, pwyc.

Pink and Black presents Captain Kife and Mute @ The Bovine, 9pm, free.

Melanie O'Brien and Ian Foster (separate, then together) @ Free Times Cafe, 8:30pm, $5/pwyc.

Romi Mayes (w/ Gurf Morlix and Darcy Yates) and Mr. Rick and The Biscuits @ The Dakota Tavern, 10pm. ???

Homegrown Tuesday feat. Jude Haines & the Bitter Happiness, Evan Malach, Daniel Sadowski, Ross Never Sleeps, and Trick of Disaster @ Silver Dollar, 7:30pm, $5.

Where Astronauts Go To Hide, Brett Saxon, Lily Frost, Revolution Love, and Bill Brautigan @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, $tba.

WEDNESDAY (30 jul)

Emilie Mover @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

Mark Cassidy, Two Little Llamas (Ariel Brink and Mike Landoni), and Robin Peacock @ Free Times Cafe, 8:15pm, pwyc.

* PWYC Weds feat. Alistair Christl, Matt Bahen (The Schomberg Fair; solo), and Antler @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, pwyc.

Nick Rose and David Goldman @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

LAUGHstock presents The Daily Times; District; and We, The Fire Makers @ The Boat, 9pm, $5.

Delinquents (CD release) @ 11:00, The Toads @ 10:00, and Teenage X @ 9:00. The Horseshoe Tavern, 8:30pm, $5.

No Official Capacity presents The Great Collapse, The Unborn Dead, Skorched, and Heaps of Dead @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, $5.

Joshua Bartholomew & Band (10:30pm), preceeded by Songwriter's Circle featuring Joshua Bartholomew, Serena & Nick (Oliver Black), and Trevor Howard (9pm) @ Supermarket, 9pm, $5.

Awake & Dreaming and Staylefish @ Tattoo Rock Parlour, 9pm, $5.

Sarah McCully and Justin Abedin @ The Cameron House (Back Room), 9:30pm, $10.

THURSDAY (31 jul)

The Harold Wartooth, Revolvers, The Big City Nights, and Reverse Mount Rushmore @ Mitzi's Sister, 9pm, free.

Nick Storring and John Kameel Farah (both solo, and then together) @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

Deep Dark United @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

National Tragedy Episode 3 feat. Women in Tragedy; Chris Worden; Not the Wind, Not the Flag; and Dark Bird @ The Renaissance Cafe, 9:30pm, pwyc.

Nate Daniels, Jeff Beadle, and Quincy LePalm @ Free Times Cafe, 8pm, $5.

Black Collar Thursdays feat. Sitcom and The Clearing (members of Latefallen and Jar) w/ DJ Stu Dead of Playdead @ The Bovine, 9pm, $5.

NO SHAME presents Receivers, Sleeping Kings of Iona, and Loitering Heroes @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, $5.

Leaving Sangster @ 11:15, Lotus Theory @ 10:15, and Chasing Arcadia @ 9:15. Lee's Palace, 9pm, $5.

Hatchetmen w/ Alistair Christl & the Swingin' Chandeliers @ The Boat, 9pm, $5.

Monday Rose and Bobby Cameron (solo acoustic) @ C'est What, 9pm, $5.

Joanna Borromeo and tba @ The Cameron House (Back Room), 9pm, $6. "Soul/R&B/Funk."

Bernadette & The North @ 11:40, Low Level Flight @ 10:50, Adder @ 10:00, and Motion Picture Ending @ 9:10. The Horseshoe Tavern, 8:30pm, $6.

Dreamscape presents Bellaleo w/ The Flying Museum Band, Authin Heathen, Telegram, and Buckets Of, w/ DJs Frank & Beans @ El Mocambo (Upstairs), 9pm, $7 + can of food.

The Worst Pop Band Ever and The Ninja Funk Orchestra @ Clinton's, 9pm, $10 (or $8 adv).

The Beautiful Unknown (video release) w/ Paul Price and Daylight For Deadeyes @ El Mocambo (First Floor), 9:30pm, $tba.

Dead Sexy Sheila and tba @ The Silver Dollar, 9pm, $tba.

Shadows in Red, tba, Second Pass, and Mandippal Jandu @ The Rivoli, 8pm, $tba.

Black, White, and Acoustic feat. Michael Shapinko, MC FÜBB, and DJ Xplisit; Simon Hirst; Ira Pettle; Brendan Beamish; Rochelle; John Tayles; Dale Luarca; Rex Baunsit; and Evan Malach @ The Savannah Room, 8:30pm, $10. "Dress code is Black & White."

Hibou and Sky Shaver w/ DJs Rod Skimmins and Andycapp @ Supermarket, 9pm, $10.

No Official Capacity presents Jucifer, Sons of Otis, Cauldron, Twisted Tower Dire, and A.F. Analog @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, $10.

Jeff Alan Greenway CD Fundraiser Party feat. Alistair Blaik Bundale, Jeff Alan Greenway (w/ band), Pure Finesse, and RythmLuv @ Smiling Buddha, 9pm, $10 (or $7 for students). "Includes raffle ticket for prizes!"

Rock the Foundation presents Basia Lyjak, The Red Light Riot, and Who's Army Band @ Tattoo Rock Parlour, 9pm, $10. Proceeds to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Teeter, Cities Between Us, The Diverse Attraction, Siberia, Hasket, Use As Directed, and Mandy K @ Reverb, 6:30pm, $10.

FRIDAY (1 aug)

Jessie Kussin (Cry Rumble) and tba @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

* Hooded Fang, Boxes & Bags, Romo Roto, and J. M. McNab (Key Witness; solo) @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, pwyc.

Luke Andrews @ The Cameron House (Back Room), 7:30pm, free.

Shaun Devlin and Cameron Becker @ Free Times Cafe, 8:30pm, $5/pwyc.

Woodward Company, Northamorica, and Mob Mentality @ The Cameron House (Back Room), 10pm, $5. I saw Woodward Co. play the Horseshoe a while back, and thought they were a really promising young band.

Friends Explode presents Room Party (dance party) feat. OPOPO @ The Boat, 10pm, $5. The band plays at 11pm. I will be there!

TWM presents Clouds That Look Like Things, Skip Jensen, The Superstitions, and The Wilderness @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, $6. Also recommended.

Liam Titcomb and tba @ El Mocambo (First Floor), 9pm, $8.

Red Rising @ Kathedral, 7pm, $5.

ZERG, War Bride (members of Bukkake Katholik) w/ DJ sets by the Darth Virgos AL911 & Billy Geek @ The Bovine, 9pm, $10.

S & S Promotions presents Charitys, Pilot Light, Emilie, Throwback, Raid For Blood Diamonds, False Idols, Cirrosis, Art Of Fakt, Cost of Creation, Fear of Romance, others @ Reverb, 6pm, $10.

Queen Takes Bishop (CD release) w/ Joel Parkes, Rev. Velvet Sheen, DJ Reverend J Tickle, "A SPECIAL Surprise Guest BAND," and Left Side Drive @ Clinton's, 9pm, $10.

SATURDAY (2 aug)

Laundry Room Squelchers present International Noise Conference @ clubZ, 9pm, free. More details here:

Alex Lukashevsky and tba @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc. (Carnival Moon had to cancel.)

Artful Vandelays, The Imports, The Revelries, and Room 204 @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, $5.

Lisa Silverman, Shira G, Liam Kearny, Alysse R, and Marianne Baker @ Free Times Cafe, 8:30pm, $5/pwyc.

* Miss Scarlett and Mandibles @ The Cameron House (Back Room), 10pm, $5. Kinda different folky indie pop stuff.

Must Stash Hat, Groove Attic, and Organic Funk @ The Mansion (165 St. George St.), 9pm, $5. BYOB. This is a new series of shows.

The Raclones @ 12:30 The Existers @ 11:30, The G Rays @ 10:30, and Wayouts @ 9:30. The Horseshoe Tavern, $7.

Homegrown Saturday Night feat. Joel Elliot, Alun Pigguns, the Rosie Jones Band, and the Saltcoats @ Silver Dollar, 9:30pm, $5.

Hotboxxx presents Themis, PlayDeaf, Pavlov's Dog Orchestra, Wentworth, David James Martinez, and Kasper @ The Rivoli, 8pm, $10.

Paragon presents Darwin's Bible, Impulse, Lost Innocence, Mad In Craft @ The Bovine, 9pm, $10.

Lori Yates (w/ David Baxter, Cynthia Ross, and Eric Herman) @ The Dakota Tavern, 10pm, $10.

SUNDAY (3 aug)

Lindsay Elvie and Alicia Isoner @ Free Times Cafe, 8pm, $5/pwyc.

* Wavelength 424 feat. The Blankket & Band, Life of a Craphead, and The Hoax @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, pwyc.

Sparkling White, The Revelries, Jackfish River, and Jordan Fine @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, $6.

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