Friday, July 25, 2008

Quiet day.

Had big plans to go out Thursday night to No Shame at Rancho Relaxo. But when the time came, I felt unsociable and had no desire to leave the house. So I didn't. And I skipped out on the after(birthday)party featuring Mark Sultan/BBQ too. Boo me. But it's ok, because sometimes a person needs to stay in and get stuff done.

So here I am, getting stuff done.

I have to set an exam for the course I TA'd for this past year. A few students didn't take the final for whatever reason(s), and now I've gotta write a different exam question for them to answer. Not as hard as I thought it might be, but still required some brain work I wasn't expecting to do.

I did some dissertating too, and spent nearly another hour trying to figure out computer stuff with tech support people. Unrelated to yesterday's tech support stuff.

Tomorrow, I go out for sure. And I'm in a much better mood today than I was last night. So good.

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