Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BIBM @ the Horseshoe.

Tuesday was a frustrating day. I spent several hours attempting to get my router to work, then searching out a new one, going to buy it, and then attempting to get that one to work. It still doesn't. I'm going to try more time with tech support tomorrow and see where that gets me. Wireless internet is a necessity of life. Ok, not really. But it's definitely something me and CS really, really want to have.

Tech support ate up so much time that I was a few minutes late for Beth in Battle Mode's opening set at the Horseshoe. They performed as part of the weekly Nu Music Nite, a free Tuesday night showcase. I'd seen this band once before, and loved their music and their stage presence. They were great tonight, again. The room had lots of people in it, but most audience members were hanging back away from the dance floor and in the shadows. I still don't get why people do that. Anyways, moving on.

BIBM is awesome. Their songs are really poppy and danceable. The keyboard/synth player (Andrew) dances like he means it, and his bandmates (Ed, David) are animated as well. Fun stuff. A band I will always enjoy seeing, I should think. I look forward to seeing them perform on a better night. There's only so much one can expect from a crowd for a 9:10 set time on a rainy Tuesday in July. The next time they headline a weekend show at Rancho or Sneaks or the Boat, I'm so there. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that the three guys are, well, a good looking group. Have I mentioned before that I like my rock stars cute?

I got rained on as I rode my bike home. I managed to avoid getting hit by lightening.

I'm now wired to the 'net. Funnily enough, working at the dining room table is not so bad late at night. I hate this chair, though. Wireless, come back!

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