Friday, July 11, 2008

Boat Wednesday, Rancho Thursday.

On Wednesday night I decided to go out for an hour or two. I was tired of staring at my computer screen, working, and had nothing else to do. TW and I played a Horses song on the podcast, so I figured I'd head to the Boat to see them live. I got there in time to catch most of City Streets from Edmonton. They had a large handful of very happy, excited fans in the audience. They are on tour with the opening act, whom I did not see. I liked them, but they weren't why I was there.

Horses, who came on significantly after midnight, I liked a lot. Great vocals, and catchy, danceable pop songs. (TW told me last night that after hearing the Horses song we played that he'd been listening to them ever since! Yes: the podcast works, example 1.)

On Thursday I went to Rancho Relaxo for the second No Shame show happening there. (Read a bit about Lauren Schreiber and her series here.) Why, you ask? The Rural Alberta Advantage!! This band is so good in all kinds of ways. There was a healthy crowd, and we were sweating even before the RAA started playing and people started to dance and jump around and generally enjoy themselves immensely. It was HOT there last night. Ouff. But anyways, fantastic set.

I missed the first opening---Terra Lightfoot, filling in on not much notice---but was there for Mandibles. I dug what they were doing. Definitely a bit of a weird band, but good weird, and not too weird. If you know what I mean. Which you won't, since I'm not making sense. I liked them. Not instant favourites, but definitely a band worth seeing again. And not only for the musical antics coming from the back-up percussionist/etc.

Example 2 of the podcast working: A friend who never goes out on weeknights came last night to see the RAA because he loved the song we played ("Frank, AB"). He went away happy, and listened to the album which he purchased last night on his way to work this morning. He thinks it's "equally fantastic," of course.

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