Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where have I been?

It's been a few days since I updated this blog.

Quickly: On Saturday, I went to Goin' Steady at the Boat, which was super fun. Lots of friends were there. On Sunday I had fajitas at Sneaks for dinner, and then headed upstairs for Wavelength, which was fantastic. I wore my new/old sweater. "There's a party on your sweater," commented one of my friends. Indeed. I'll have to post a photo of this thing at some point. On Monday I worked on my dissertation. I had every intention of working on it Tuesday too, but somehow that didn't happen. Instead, I skipped out on a meeting (but contributed my two cents by e-mail), went to look at bikes with MB, then we had dinner at Mount Everest Restaurant (yummy). Afterward we parted ways and I got to Tranzac in time to catch most of Keith Hamilton's solo set. It was lovely, but his songs are so sad! And then Brad Casey played, and I really liked his stuff too. A bit varied, and interesting, and beautiful at times. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and even had a glass of wine. I got to chat with RM too, whom I'd seen around before, but had never really had a chance to speak much to. So that was good. Finally, I joined some historian friends at the Victory Cafe, and got home past midnight.

I am now pretty tired. Yawn.

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