Monday, May 12, 2008

Rancho is the best place.

I spent the majority of my weekend out at Rancho Relaxo. And what fun I had! Rancho Relaxo is most definitely the best place to consistently see live indie bands on weekend nights. The venue has a great vibe, in large part due to the crowd Dan Wolovick brings out to check out the great bands he books. (The women's bathroom is in need of an overhaul, but it's generally clean, so I'll deal.)

On Saturday I started off at the Drake, for a No Shame show featuring The Sleepless Nights (from Halifax) and The Details (Winnipeg). I'd heard really good things about the first act, and they were just fine. Some songs I got into more than others. But not bad at all for an opening act. I wouldn't mind seeing them again the next time they're in town. The second band on the bill was one I've seen a few times before, and I still think they are great. The Details put on a heart-felt set and have a great sound and good intensity on stage. There weren't that many people paying attention, but those of us who were got treated to something special, IMHO. I stupidly did not have enough cash with me to get a CD from them, though MB loaned me enough for a T-shirt. (And as well he should have: it was his suggestion that I get one.)

It was then time for LS and I to taxi it over to Rancho, leaving MB to bike over to Wrongbar to check out the dance party happening there. We came in time to catch most of Mark Berube & the Patriotic Few's amazing set. Whoa. What a find that group is. I would have been happy no matter the music on offer---lots of people for me to talk to---but Berube was an awesome bonus. Next up, The Schomberg Fair, followed by Tin Bangs. Both bands rocked it hard, as usual. MB walked in partway through the Fair's set, and he and I along with BS occupied the front row. That's the dancin' row. Fun times. These guys work so hard, and thought it was nearly 2am by the time Tin Bangs finished up, there was still a healthy crowd about. A successful evening!

But things weren't over. MB, BS, and SC walked to Sneaky Dee's to catch the last bit of the dance party going on there, and in hopes of seeing the members of The Details, who were indeed there. There was more chatting, and then pizza at Massimo's. Another epic Toronto night. I predict there will be more to come, especially now that the weather is good.

I think I need a bike. Thoughts?

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Heather said...

You need a bike. Everyone needs a bike. I was sad that you were not at the picnic - by the by - but happy for you that you were dissertating.