Saturday, May 24, 2008

My bathroom ceiling is dripping.

The ceiling of my bathroom has water dripping through it. It's been dripping through since about 4am on Saturday. It's now 20 hours later. I called the landlord Saturday afternoon and left a message. He was definitely around today, but for some reason never came (when I was home, at least). So here I sit, hearing water drip into various buckets and bowls, and hope the ceiling doesn't fall on my head the next time I have to go. There wasn't anything I particularly wanted to do tonight, so I probably would have stayed in no matter what. But I had hoped the landlord would show up and attempt to do something about the problem.

I'll have to call him Sunday morning and make him understand that he need to come. It's really hard to communicate with him because his English is not good. He can hardly speak, and I don't know that he really understands me all that well. I generally like him, but the ceiling in the bathroom has been a problem for months, and now this. I don't know what's happening up there, but it can't be good. In the meantime, I've had to warn my Sunday brunch-mate that I might have to cancel on her.

Damn landlord! I need to move.

Last night MB, JH, and I checked out a couple dance parties at College/Bathurst. Sneaky Dee's was packed and full of characters, but when Shit la Merde wasn't DJing, there was really no point being there. Tiger Bar was mostly uninspiring. There needed to be a different crowd out. Meh, we had a good time. There were good people about.

Today I went to Kensington Market to hang out with KH and BC. Had a lovely time. Rode my bike. And came home and took a nap. To dripping water.


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