Saturday, May 10, 2008

Since I worked, I got to go out (guilt-free).

Hey, guess what?! I've been working on my dissertation! Crazy, I know. The chapter is closer to being done than it was before. Since I was so good yesterday---I even skipped a picnic lunch with historians because I was working---I didn't feel bad about going out last night. Went to a birthday party, then off to Rancho Relaxo for day 2 of the TWM anniversary fest. I caught some of the opening act, then had a great time listening to Amos the Transparent, Fox Jaws, and Beth in Battle Mode. The latter two I hadn't yet seen before, and I'm glad I stuck around to catch them both. I especially liked BIBM, though maybe that's just 'cause they played last. It was a really good lineup. And it was nice to see the regular crew out, plus others, including this guy and this guy and this guy. I look forward to the photos!

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