Saturday, May 31, 2008

Is summer here now?

I realized this morning that the landlord got white paint on the artwork in the bathroom. As in, when he was painting the walls, instead of taking the artwork (plaqued pieces) off the walls, he's just painted around them . . . and on them. What an asshole. I can't even believe it. He really is not a nice man. No wonder this place is falling apart. He just doesn't care.


But there wasn't time to dwell on how disappointed I am with him, since I had a lovely brunch with SA at Kilgour's, probably my favourite spot for breakfast. The day's been bright and warm so far, and the place wasn't crowded, and people are out enjoying themselves.

Last night was a blast. I met up with BC for a quick drink, then we went off and attempted to find a theatre, the address of which he'd neglected to write down/remember, nor did he even know the name of the place. We eventually found it, but were late. The sign of the door read "Absolutely no latecomers admitted." Oops. But we were brought in during a scene change by one of the actors. I don't know what the play was called, but it was just fine. I hadn't been to the theatre in Toronto, so it was cool to go.

This blog post is a bit disjointed.

After the play, since it was still early, we biked to the Embassy for a beer---which turned into two beers for me---and, well, I ended up drunk. Embarrassing, but I think probably entertaining for BC, and MB and JH who showed up there too. As I sobered up (on lots of water) we went to the Boat for Yacht Rock. That was a blast and a half. Ridiculous fun. Dance historian EW was there too, and she had a great time.

I need to write a conference paper today. It probably won't get done. Meh.

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