Friday, May 30, 2008

Chapter submitted!

I finally e-mailed a my first chapter to my supervisor. It's a draft, and I know there are some problems with it, but I decided it was done (enough) and I was going to stop obsessing over it. So yay!

Wednesday involved a late lunch to celebrate JH's big presentation. MB and I took her to Thai Basil, and had a great time! The food was excellent. (For what you pay.) Afterwards, I came home, only to have CS return home a few minutes later and announce that we were going to the Victory Cafe for drinks with historians. And so doing that took up many more hours of my day. It was great fun, though. But this is how I manage to not get any work done during the day. When we finally made it home (not too late---it was 10:30pm), I ended up finishing reading my supervisor's latest book. It was thus not until Thursday that I finished the chapter.

And after I did that, I figured I needed a break (ha! not so much), and went for dinner with CS, LS, and a prof of ours. Lovely time; I ate a ton. Then it was off to Rancho Relaxo for Zygiella 4. The show was good fun. All the performers/bands were entertaining. I especially liked Fleece Elves. It was a bit of a different crowd: a couple of the bands had drawn somewhat of a frat-boy/girl audience. [The photo of me watching Fleece Elves was taken by Pete Nema.]

The bathroom ceiling is now fixed and painted. It only took the landlord two days (including 5 hours yesterday) to do it. I was annoyed with him yesterday. He gave me attitude when, after nearly 5 hours of him being in there, I had to ask him to leave so I could go pee. What a jerk.

But I'm over that now. It's Friday and I'm in a good mood.

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