Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Recap of things.

I was barely in town last week. Just long enough to waste time not doing my dissertation and go to the Woodhands show on Thursday after a nice dinner at MB's with JH. The show at Sneaks started off pretty sparse. We got there maybe 10:20pm, and Skeleton Me was already playing. He's so cute, that guy. And I got to talk with him later on, and he seemed super nice too. If I was 10 years younger . . . haha. Over the course of the evening I had quick "hello's" to say to a lot of people. I felt badly about not having a chance to really chat much with anyone, but such is life when there's a Woodhands show on: there will be lots of people I know there.

On Friday I packed up for a weekend in San Francisco with the Californian. We had a fun time walking around and eating and shopping. I bought a couple second-hand clothing items. One of them I absolutely love, but am not sure when I'll get a chance to bust it out. I'll have a post a photo because it's quite ridiculous. Think really ugly 80s sweater that is AWESOME and plastic-sequined. I also bought a belt to match the one KH wears. (MB and I had decided we both needed to do that.)

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