Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mid-weekend recap.

Lots of things to report.

Thursday afternoon/early evening MB and I had a ridiculously expensive and good meal at a Lebanese place on Yonge north of Davisville. Worth it . . . I think. Yummy. That night I went solo to the Drake for a No Shame show with banjos and guitars and singing and other good musical stuff. The performers were Nils Edenloff from the Rural Alberta Advantage (lovely, in a manly sort of way), the Weather Station, and Old Man Ludecke. The crowd was a good size and fairly varied, with everyone seemingly in a good mood. A nice evening, for sure.

Friday was taken up with errands and then an early dinner to celebrate some friends who passed their exams and leaving town. It was a great time with more good food. Afterward, MB and I eventually made our way to Tiger Bar, but with brief stops at Sweaty Betty's, the Boat (lined up for a bit), Sneaky Dee's (looked lame), and Rancho Relaxo beforehand. We were promised electro hip hop at Tiger Bar, and were no disappointed by 84.85. It was high energy and the place had a really good vibe to it by 1am when everyone showed up. KH stopped by for a bit---we hadn't seen each other in a few weeks---and then I was home just past 2am.

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