Friday, January 05, 2007

Computer headache continues.

Today was my first full day at the national archives, and it went well. At the moment I am going through the most important boxes, and finding tons of good stuff. I was to be found standing up over my desk with a slight stoop, taking hundreds and hundreds of photographs. Sixteen hundred, actually.

I rode the bus to and from with my new researcher-friend, and it's nice to have a bit of human contact before and after a long day!

But the computer issues continue. Although thie borrowed old one that I'm using now does work, the screen keeps flicking off. Like, every few seconds. Which is most annoying and unconducive to getting anything done on it. I was mighty depressed after coming home too, because not only was the screen causing me problems, but I couldn't connect to the internet! Isolation!! So after downloading all my images to the computer and my external hard drive, I took a nap. And now the internet is working---yipee!

In the morning I think I really must buy myself a new computer. Thanks for all your advice. (And if I don't answer your e-mails over the next few days, please accept my apologies and blame my computer problems! And blame the screen flickering for any typos in this post.)

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Alexandra said...

Hi JP,

Did you check to see if there was any battery-saving setting on that tells the computer to switch off the screen every few minutes? Check the battery setting somewhere in the control panel...