Monday, January 22, 2007

Just another weekend in DC.

Actually, not really. I didn't do anything particularly touristy. On Saturday, I bummed around and then J and I went to Adams Morgan to dance and (gulp) drink. (See if you can find us here. I am in pink.) Adams Morgan is kind of like a cross between Bloor St. and College St. in Toronto, and it was jam packed with people having a good time in the freezing weather. I figured I had to have some alcohol (when in Rome, you know), so I opted for something vodka-based to avoid a hangover. Smart, eh? What wasn't so smart was the amount I drank. To make a long, yucky story short, I threw up to end the evening. Lovely. But we made it home safely and hung out with J's best friends (as far as I can tell, since they are always over). It was actually a fun evening, though remind me to refuse alcohol the next time someone hands it to me.

Sunday I lazed around some more and caught up on sleep. One of the great things about this house is that it's right near the metro. But this also means that it's right next to the train tracks. And some of the trains that go by---the regular commercial ones---feel it necessary to blast their horns as they roll on by my window. This can be very loud and makes for difficult sleeping at times. Oh well.

I'm pretty sure now that I won't get through all the material I wanted to at the archives before I leave on the 31st. There's just too much of it, and my topic and the organization of the various files are such that I have to spend a lot of time just flipping pages. I've been going as fast as I can, so I don't feel bad about not finishing. And I don't think the extra few hours I could have done last week during extended hours would have made much of a difference. So, College Park, you'll be seeing me again before I graduate! (You hear that, J? It means I will make you hang out with me again.)

Oh, and it snowed for the first time here this winter yesterday. The roads (I heard) were chaotic. And as of right now, the snow hasn't melted yet. But it probably will soon. Sigh. So much for winter. And to think there's snow in Ottawa 6 months of the year!


Anonymous said...

OMG JEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg i cant stop laughing

when i visited cs in london, she gave me the ultimate post-nightoffun remedy - alka seltzer. i bequeath this cure to you.

Anonymous said...

O - M - G

you said it, cIII