Thursday, January 25, 2007

Losing my oomph.

I'm tired and feeling boring, so here's a brief recap of my various adventures (such as they were) over the last few days.

Monday: Salmon for dinner. Mmmm.

Tuesday: J made chicken pasta with Alfredo ("white") sauce. Saw "Pan's Labyrinth" with J. I didn't watch the gory bits, so I liked it. Good, but strange.

Wednesday: One of the archivists took me up to the stacks where the records are kept so we could figure out what was up with the stuff I wanted. Here's the thing. The records of the consular posts in Russia during my period are only listed in one database that only staff can access at the archives. And once the records come up, there's no dates indicated. These are the ones I want, but it isn't always clear how I go about ordering them so the archives' staff will know what to get me. Hence the trip to the stacks. It was fun! The archivist then found a primary source for me that I hadn't heard of before. It probably won't be useful, but it was really great of him to point this out to me. He even showed me exactly what it looked like in the library upstairs. Cool. Later . . . pita pizzas for dinner. J and R drove me to Kinko's so I could mail HD's mom's computer back to her.

Thursday: Pesto pasta for dinner. And now I must work, work, work.

See how boring I am? Yawn. Back to work.

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fn said...

Pan's Labyrinth! yay! :) Smart of you not to watch the gory bits though... they nearly gave me a heart attack when I watched it.