Monday, January 01, 2007

My New Year's Resolution.

Happy New Year!

I am not one for resolutions, but this year it just so happens that I've decided to make a change at the same time as 2007 begins. What is it, you ask? I've started a "dissertation diary." Every day (or just about) I will write something---anything---about my dissertation and related work. This comes about because of that book I've been reading about writing dissertations. And I think it's an excellent idea. It's stupid that I wasn't doing it already. My first entry was this morning.

I came back to Toronto yesterday afternoon. The train was nearly an hour late getting in to Union Station (sigh), but this was to be expected this time of year . . . except that there wasn't any snow on the ground once we got a bit away from Ottawa (where it is totally white, and has been since Boxing Day). So, grr. I'm pretty sure that I saw an old friend of our family's on the train. Actually, at the Ottawa station, on the train, and then again at Union Station a couple times. She was with some people, and I chickened out and never said anything. Not sure why, since I really think it was her. Oh well. Another thing to add to my list of mini regrets.

Last night FN and I hosted JDS and TC, whom we love, love, love. I wrote "hosted," but it was hardly that. We had good Japanese food for a late dinner, followed by "The Devil Wears Prada," and lots of talking throughout the evening. A perfect new year's bash, to my mind.

Today I must pack and return those papers I graded before I went to Ottawa for xmas. And then it's off to Washington in about 24 hours' time. If any of you have recommendations for touristy things I must do while I'm there, please send them my way.

Have a great time in Atlanta, JDS and HD!

P.S. I'm now reading this article from the NYT.


Alexandra said...

hey! I've read the same book!! I do have a dissertation diary (which I write on macjournal) but I don't think it's very good. I haven't actually written anything useful yet... all I do is report on what I do every day at the archives. It might be better once I actually start thinking about my thesis rather than just collecting documents ;)

Happy new year!!

Haveyouseenlucky said...

Washington DC?
The National Geographic museum is fun and often overlooked.

If you are a beer nerd you should try the brickskellar, they have the certified largest selection of beer in North America or something.

I also really like this coney island esque bar in NE

AG said...

JP is SUCH a beer nerd

haveyouseenlucky said...

She fits the profile.

E :) said...

Go and have ribs at The Diner in Adams Morgan. So tasty.

Jen P. said...

Thanks for the suggestions, all!!
I am back in cyberspace now.