Sunday, January 28, 2007

Suburban kids in the District.

On Friday I turned down an invitation to go to a local happy hour so I could chill out a bit and get some work done on my documents. But then night-time rolled around and I was finished working and there was a party downstairs. So I joined in. (I'm a sucker for socializing, you know.) I ended up out in DC with J and some friends of his, including DJ. It was a fun evening, though the boys had too much to drink. (Why I am not surprised?) On the way home, though, DJ was quite inebriated and was being pretty annoying. We had to babysit him. And, good thing I was ok, because DJ was set on driving home! He couldn't even stand up straight. I did the only thing one can do in such a situation and convinced him to let me drive and come in with me to hang out. My housemates were really surprised, they told me later, that I got him to come back. Apparently DJ never wants to stay over. But Friday night he passed out on the sofa and left late the next morning. I hope the kid smartens up because this is not a cool way to act.

On Saturday me and the roomies went to the zoo followed by an early sushi dinner in Adams Morgan. The zoo was fine and the food was good. Zoos are, well, kinda strange places. You know what I mean. After dinner J and I left the other roommate and went in search of a festival he wanted to check out. We discovered it wasn't quite what he was expecting, so I asked some metro attendants where a big movie theatre complex was so we could go watch something. And so we went to Chinatown and took in "Children of Men." It was good, but somehow I don't think I liked it as much as FN and EC did.

Today I must go grocery shopping for the last time in Maryland and get ready for my last few days of research at the archives. I hope everyone in Toronto is having a great weekend too!

Oh, and here they are . . . the Js I live with. Aren't they cute?

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