Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Living well.

The archives is (are?) treating me well. Yay! Know what else? I'm totally eating well too. Yeah, despite FN not being around to feed me. Shocking, but true. For example, breakfast usually consists of large muffin and banana; lunch is a homemade sandwich with cheese, meat, tomato, and cucumber, all between healthy bread; and dinner is filling and balanced (sometimes). Tonight I feel like bragging, because the other J and I had a scrumptious meal. I made garlic-butter baked salmon (soooooo good), salad with strawberries and goat cheese, and steamed green beans. J pitched in a steak. Mmm. Fresh food here is more expensive that in Toronto or Ottawa. The prices for fruits and veggies tend to be the same, but of course the dollar isn't. Too bad, really. But Americans can get a McD sandwich for a dollar.

Disclaimer: Any cooking abilities I may have I owe to FN's teachings . . . except for my specialty, pita pizzas.

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