Saturday, January 20, 2007

Another blog posting.

Yesterday was back to the archives again. I was a wee bit slow and decided to eat breakfast at home, so I took the 9am bus to the archives. It almost comes out even, since I get to the archives just a few minutes after I would have stopped eating breakfast on a normal day. But it feels good to leave the house at a less early hour. The party from the night before meant R was asleep on the couch when I woke up, and J was not feeling well. (Poor him.) I was slightly amused.

I took a lot of pics as usual, and found some good stuff in boxes that hadn't been looked at since at least 1994. They were still shrink-wrapped from the move to this facility! I suspect the vast majority of the material I'm looking at hasn't been looked at by anyone in decades. But, the other day, I was annoyed because one chuck of material was really messily arranged in the folders. I mean, the stuff was probably mostly in its original order, but the papers were sticking out any which way. (I always make sure to put things in neatly. They last longer this way.) And what's even more annoying is that chances are I know the person who last looked at this stuff. Either it was one of two people I know either by e-mail or have met in person, or a bad research assistant. I was unimpressed. Oh well. At least I am a good researcher!

Friday night I made pasta for J and then we went to the movies with his friend A. J picked this one, which was kinda entertaining in the moment, but very stupid. Goodness. I must forget that I ever saw it. Afterwards, we watched another movie at home, which was much better, if a little gross. Another late night!

Although Thursday and Friday the archives were/was open late, I didn't take much advantage. The bus stop is very awkwardly placed. It's just around a bend on a busy regional road, and I didn't want to stay much after the sun went down. I think this is a wise move. But today the archives is/are open again, so I must go for a few hours. I slept in, which I feel a little guilty about., since it means I won't be able to do as much research as I might. But it's ok. I will at least finish the most important research before I leave town---enough to do the dissertation for sure. If I need to spend more time here next year, well, there are worse things, eh!?

Come to think of it, maybe I'll just skip the archives altogether today. MK did tell me that seats were hard to come by on extended days unless you got their early. And I'm definitely not early. Hmm. Downtown DC instead? Double hmm.

To end, here's a pic of Chance, the local cat.

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E :) said...

You can catch the bus from under the shelter in the archives compound. It might take a little longer to get where you want to go, but it does stop at the metro and you can get back into DC from there. It's much safer to wait at that stop than that dodgy one on the road...