Saturday, August 05, 2006

Five things.

E from My life as an Alien in modern-day USA has tagged me. Not that I know what this really means, but apparently I must now do a questionnaire thing. So here goes:

Five things in my freezer: Greek-style pita bread; enormous chunk of steak; pumpkin pie from last October; ice cubes; Indian spices.

Five things in my closet: Shoes I never wear anymore; vacuum cleaner; empty boxes I don't want to throw out; an old cutlery set; and lots of clothes.

Five things in my car: (I don't have one at the moment, but when I drove my parents', this is what was there) Library books I needed to return; my brother's CDs; a broken umbrella; random paper that no one bothered to throw out; lots of dog hair that no one bothered to vacuum up.

Five things in my purse: Wallet; watch (because it bothers my skin to actually wear it); a pen; keys; an elastic band for my hair. [Technically, there's nothing in any of my purses at the moment, though, because I empty them each time I come home.]

Five things in my wallet: Subway tokens; Gift of Life donor card (so that when I die, my body gets donated); credit cards; old receipts; UofT student ID card.

I think I'm supposed to now tag five more people to do this . . . but I can't think of any people I know at the moment, other than dead ones (Metternich, Bismark, Wilhelm II, Nicholas II, Kennan, Kissinger, etc., etc.), so feel free to tag yourselves, readers, and post your lists in the comments section! (Yes, I am weaseling out of the blogging-tagging rules.)


E :) said...

LOL! Well done...

Jen P. said...

Oh, except that Kissinger isn't dead. Sorry, Henry. I will now go back to reading your (admittedly pretty good) book (Diplomacy, 1994).

ec said...

good luck with your test today!