Friday, August 18, 2006

More errands.

After a 3-hour sleep this morning, I got up, talked to AT on the phone, and then got ready to start my day. First up was acquiring, cleaning, and stocking a huge new (for me) dresser. It's so nice to have all my clothes out of sight and in a proper clothing repository! Then it was off to Loblaws to restock our pantry. HD then dropped me off at home so I could clean the house in preparation for dinner guests. And clean I did! The apartment still needs lots of work, but it's getting there. Dinner and conversation was much fun, though I'm not nearly girlie enough to get excited talking about dream weddings of the future! One of our guests tonight is getting married this October, and it sounds like it'll be a fun party.

I spent a whole lot of time organizing my closet, and picking out clothes that need to be dry cleaned or brought to Goodwill. This closet cleaning was prompted by the disastrous state of my closet, and me noticing how my hanger rod is drooping dangerously low. No, it's not 'cause I have too many clothes; it's just that I needed to move some of the heavier coats to other hooks. Unfortunately, I now have a load of laundry to do, so I'll have to trek out to the laundromat rather sooner than I'd hoped. Oh well. It must be done.

I have big plans for another errand-filled day tomorrow. I'll keep you apprised ;-).

P.S. Finished the "Forsyte Saga"---it really is great. And why am I not tired? My body just refuses to allow me to get out of this nocturnal mode, I guess.

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