Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I passed my comps this afternoon. This is great, and I can now get back to doing some normal things . . . like cleaning my house, going grocery shopping, etc. And, you know, generally enjoying the last bit of summer!

The oral exam went ok, but not fabulously. I'm not the best speaker, so I caught myself rambling a bit too much. Oh well. My supervisors really liked my written answers, which made me happy, especially when my super famous advisor told me that I had "a real flair for history"! She is too nice.

After my oral, my committee took me out for a drink at a fancy bar at the top of one of the posh hotels on Bloor at Avenue. My main supervisor bought us a bottle a white wine, and we snacked on complimentary munchies (nuts, olives, etc.). It was very nice, but 1/5th of a bottle of wine is too much for me. I felt really lightheaded toward the end! But that's ok, 'cause I walked out with one of my supervisors, whom I absolutely love, and she was totally feeling the same as me!! Related side-note: History professors are so cool.

The rest of the day was taken up having dinner with HD, and then cake and, ahem, watching most of Miss Teen USA with HD, FN, and AG at EC's fabulous new apartment. FN and I are determined to continue the swankification of our own place, so that we don't pale too much in comparison. Finished off the day watching another episode of the "Forsyte Saga."

Next up is the aforementioned normal things, including watching more movies and seeing some friends. Oh, and then the dissertation proposal. I will do that at some point. But probably not tomorrow.

Last thing: Good luck finishing your paper (etc.), AG!!


ec said...

jp falsely characterizes my new place as "fabulous." i think you ought to post an erratum and recharacterize it as "full of crap."

AG said...'re so nice...i hope that doesn't offend you. Much love, ag.