Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Nocturnalism and fear of potential muggers.

Another unexciting day. I managed to leave the house to get groceries, which is good. I walked out after dark, and felt a little uneasy. This is how I always feel when I'm walking alone at night. I've even been known to run home from the subway station . . . and it's a block from my house. But I can't help it. I'm constantly afraid that I'm going to be mugged or otherwise assaulted, and it makes going out at night rather stressful. Every person that comes near me is a potential attacker! And it's all because I was mugged a few months ago, and a man did grab me on the street a bit after that. Stupid people, ruining my peace of mind. Grrr. Anyways, I am ok despite the mild case of paranoia.

Knowing my fear of people on dark, deserted streets, I decided to take the subway home from the store, though it's only a 10-minute walk from home. So I went to the "token/pass only" entrance, put in my token, pushed the barrier to get in---to no avail! Rat bastard machine ate my token and didn't let me in! I was very unimpressed, but out of luck, so away I walked. The walk home was uneventful, though I almost had a heart attack at one point when a man moved his arm a little as he was passing me. Walking alone at night is bad for my health.

Seeing as how I only woke up at about 5:30pm, I didn't get much accomplished today. I did place bids on two items on eBay---necessary items for my computer---so hopefully those will work out. I still have errands to run at school, laundry to do, and need to mail a book to a prof. in Ottawa . . . and more cleaning. Tomorrow (as in, later today), I'm headed to the airport to fetch a friend and help her into the city with her bags. I guess she must have lots of photocopies to bring home from British archives!

Here's hoping I will fall asleep at a decent hour tonight. It's nearly 4am now, though, and I'm wide awake. Sigh.

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