Thursday, August 31, 2006

Uncontrollable grinning.

I am home! I feel a bit silly admitting this, but as the plane landed at Pearson, a big smile broke out on my face and would not go away. Yes, I do love it here!

Nothing especially exciting happened today (or, "to-day," as it was written back in 1919). I flew from C'town ("SHARlatown") to Toronto . . . but ended up visiting a province to which I'd never been before: the plane had a stopover in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Okay, so I didn't "deplane," but still. Managed to get to Toronto without incident, and even managed to get myself home on the bus and subway without any difficulty. I did have to buy a postcard at the C'town airport, because I was so unorganized yesterday that I didn't buy enough. Silly me.

FN is off for the long weekend, so I'll have the place to myself. Whatever shall I do? Oh, yeah: all the errands I have yet to do, plus starting organizing my life to start dissertation research. Sigh. And when I need a break, HD lent me the first season of "MI-5," a British TV series. We watched the first two episodes tonight, and I must say it was entertaining.

Hey, did I say above that nothing exciting happened? Clearly I was wrong, because I installed my new RAM! And this makes me very happy because my computer is now significantly faster. It's probably still slower than yours, but it's good enough for me. Yay!

Tomorrow I'm going to see about all the rolls of microfilm that have apparently come for me. Year 3 of the PhD begins . . . .

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ec said...

welcome back jp! wanna hang out tmro? im sticking around this weekend, tho everyone else is off. im happy youre back-- i thought you were coming back later next week!!