Friday, November 02, 2007

The weekend is now.

Meaning, I think after tonight my weekend will end. Or, it should. I haven't gotten much done this week, primarily because I've been ill. But also because I just haven't worked a lot.

I was feeling able to work last night, but instead I went to the Boat for Tom's 13th birthday party. And it was great! I arrived just after 11pm, which meant I missed Tom's own sets---he did three or four of them, I'm told---but got to hang out with some guys I know (and met last night) before taking in sampler sets by George Furtney (good) and Carlos Antenna (fun). And then The Gravity Wave did a full set. Very entertaining, as usual. As I've said before: GW is a phenomenon. You all should see Ken Farrell perform, preferably with Tom. There should be more opportunities in the new year, since he's got both an EP and album coming out at the end of February, and is putting together a 9-piece band to play live shows. Yes! After GW, Paul Banwatt (helped by Laura Barrett on xylophone) played a few songs. My life needs more Paul.

The evening ended with sets by Germans, Keith Hamilton (solo), Entire Cities, and The Weather Station. By the time Entire Cities came on there were very few people in the audience. And once 2am rolled around, there were perhaps a dozen people around, almost all of them musicians. Tom's mom was sound asleep in a chair near the stage. Poor woman!

The evening also provided me with an opportunity to try out my new, fancy earplugs. I ordered some Earlove ones because I find the cheap foam ones muffle sound too much. They worked great---the sound was a little less loud but everything was still clear. Totally worth the $15 they cost me.

Today I slept in very late and then did laundry. Which brings me to now. Later tonight is the second half of my weekend. I'm headed to Tiger Bar for the Easy Tiger anniversary show, featuring the RAA and The Wooden Sky.

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