Monday, November 05, 2007

Quiet weekend.

In between surfing the net, compiling my music list, blowing my nose, and coughing, I managed to get a bit done on my dissertation. I'm going through some archival materials now, and it's really slow. I'm just reading and taking notes and putting them in some kind of order. It'll all have to be thought over and arranged and written down properly at some future date. How the heck did I ever write 225 pages in less than a year for my master's thesis?!

Although I was less productive on Saturday than I should have been---blame this illness, which will not go away---Sunday wasn't very conducive to work either: I had to go grocery shopping at Kensington Market and then it was off to dinner with FN at JC's place. He and AG prepared a delicious meal; great company, too!

I've got things I need to do at school almost every day this week, I am going to try to avoid getting sucked into spending hours upon hours running into people on campus and having impromptu lunches and gossip sessions. It'll be hard.

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