Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Good days.

Tuesday was a good day. It started out with a free lunch at Trinity. The Trin One kids were doing a quiz, and friend CS invited me to be one of the judges of the international relations questions. There turned out to be no need for me, but I participated and it was fun.

The next fun thing was going to the Cameron House after my day at school, to catch Maylee Todd, Dan Werb, and Sky Shark perform short sets. And it was great! Maylee has a wonderful voice and her charming, warm personality filled the room with happiness. She played a little guitar, and then a big harp. Dan Werb, whom I've also only seen as part of Woodhands so far, did a solo piano and voice set. Wonderful stuff, really. Maylee joined him in singing a song. A couple guys from The Trews were there to hear Maylee and Dan, and Sean couldn't get over how excellent he thought they both were. He was not completely sober, but he seemed sincerely appreciative. He was a highlight of the night in and of himself! Sky Shark was entertaining, and my friends (all new-ish or completely new) ate it all up. The whole evening was just fantastic.

But it wasn't over yet! Afterward, I dashed home, grabbed a bottle of wine, and walked over to PB's house to celebrate his birthday. It was a smallish gathering for him---meaning not very small at all---but the people who were there were quite awesome. The festivities moved to the Pour House so PB's housemates could get some sleep. When the bar closed, a few stalwarts headed off in the direction of Vesta Lunch; I went home. I had to get up early (for me) the next day!

Wednesday has been a good day so far too. I had a quick meeting at school this morning, and then came home for lunch. After eating I headed down to Queen West and spent a whole lot of money on clothing and a new pair of boots. I seriously spent a lot of money on some of the pieces, but I really like all of them. I didn't buy anything boring, and I tried to mix it up a bit: blacks and bright colours! I also gave in a bought a pair of skinny jeans. We'll see how these go over. I think they're alright, but even if I don't love them after giving them a try, they were only $40 or so. Of course, I still need more clothes. ;-)

I do have one small complaint, though: the absolute worst music was being played at H&M and Zara. (Completely uninspiring music for mostly uninspired clothing. I am becoming a real snob, eh.) I was only just willing to put up with the pop-y awfulness to purpose sweatshop/child labour-made pieces. At Aritzia, a Spoon album was playing---thank goodness. I didn't notice the tunes at other places . . . no doubt a good sign.

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