Friday, November 09, 2007

No Shame.

I was feeling better after a long day-time sleep, and decided I really should hit up Tiger Bar for the No Shame show Thursday night. I'd told a friend I'd be there, and I was keen to check out the bands and get back out into the scene after nearly a week out of it. I could have stayed home and worked on my dissertation, but I didn't.

Although I'm no expert on such things, I think No Shame at Tiger Bar is the best indie music night in the city. Sure, Wavelength can be great, and so can Pitter Patter Nights at the Boat, but for my tastes, No Shame is consistently good and palatable. Wavelength deserves props for showcasing different kinds of new music and bringing in some great out-of-town acts, and PPN does this well too. But I'm not drawn to every show, like I am with NS. Fortunately, indie aficionados can take in No Shame this month at the Drake Underground, and a couple all ages affairs at Whippersnapper Gallery in December. Unfortunately, there are only a few more Tiger Bar shows left before Lauren takes a break from it all. So, go while you still can!

Last night's lineup was pretty solid. I enjoyed The Schomberg Fair, danced to Barons and Lengthy, and was front and centre for Haligonian Rebekah Higgs. There weren't many people around for the first act, so I was alone listening to the band from the dance floor . . . until a probably drunken Mexican man started grooving beside me. (I did my best to ignore the man, named Julio.) After their set, I met the band and chatted for a while with one of the guys and their manager, whom I'd met at a Wavelength show a few weeks back. It took a long time for B and L to show up and get ready, but I was happy making new friends.

The next group I'd seen before at a Pitter Patter show. This time around, I found it took me a few songs to get into what they were doing. (Maybe I was just distracted by the young people dancing wildly in front of the stage.) But by the end the band had me, and even took my mind off the annoying kids for several moments. No mean feat. Don't get me wrong: I want people to have a good time and dance up a storm as appropriate. But I do mean as appropriate. Well . . . maybe I'm just getting old and grumpy. One thing is for sure: B and L have a following. And it doesn't include people like me. I would add them to my list of "bands to see when I can," but I'm not sure I can handle the groupies. Perhaps I'll give them another shot. I will see them next at Sneaky Dee's toward the end of the month.

The last act of the evening was Rebekah Higgs. She and her two bandmates did yeoman service, performing well music clearly intended for more musicians. I don't think the sound system did them justice, but they made the best of things. I was looking forward to checking her out. In the end, though, I was a little disappointed. I probably wouldn't go out of my way to see her again even though I did enjoy her set. I imagine her albums are better.

I've got to be up and presentable in a few hours, so I'd best see about getting some sleep. Here's to hoping I fall asleep within a reasonable amount of time!

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