Saturday, November 24, 2007

Non-indie Friday.

I was annoyed with myself on Friday because I was late to a meeting of our student society. Being a few minutes late meant I missed a by-election. Usually I wouldn't care, but I wanted to run for this position. I've been doing the job informally all term, so it would have been nice to have it formalized. No dice. I am slightly disgruntled that someone else will get to have this title---someone who hasn't been doing what I've been doing since September---but it's completely my own fault. But, as EW pointed out at lunch, it's not like I need another line on my cv under "Service." Quite right.

Last night FN and I had parties to go to, so we did that. We had good, clean, non-indie fun. Tonight is FN's going-away bash at the Embassy! Should be tons and tons of fun. Some of the same excellent folks we hung out with yesterday, plus others. I'm looking forward to it. Though I'm also looking forward to getting more work done on my dissertation. I'd be really nice to have half my chapter done (in terrible draft form) by the time I meet with my supervisor in December . . . .

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