Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Late night worker.

So I guess this is just how it's gonna be. I get up in the afternoon, do what I have do during the day---go to school, etc.---have a nap after dinner, and then work all night until the wee hours. I recognize this sounds like a terrible schedule, but I can't shake it. I'm sick and tired but I just can't go to sleep like a normal person. Which I suppose is fine except on those days when I have to wake up early and then I will suffer.

But anyways, I've been semi-productive for the past several hours. No, I haven't made headway on the dissertation, but I am going to get going on that now. It's going really slowly. I think it's because I'm trying to hash out a chapter. It just takes a long time to go from notes and primary materials scattered across several different media to prose. A very long time. I remember this stage being the hardest part of my MA. But also it was fun. I'm still waiting for the fun this time around.

I'm going to take it easy this week on the social front. I don't think the illness is going away anytime soon---drugs are the answer to my problems, I'm convinced---so there's no point making it worse. But we'll see how things go, because I wouldn't mind hitting up No Shame on Thursday night.

In unrelated news, the weather is now god damn awful in Toronto. Wet and windy and miserable. Ugh. Welcome, November. (I broke down and ordered a heater from Canadian Tire. This should make my life better, at least when I'm indoors.)

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Christine said...

Hey Jen, I worked on the same kind of schedge when I was rockin' my MSc...I can't even imagine doing the same now, but I couldn't have finished it without doing that then. Its just part of the process I think.