Saturday, November 03, 2007

Easy Tiger.

On Friday night I took in, as promised, The Rural Alberta Advantage and The Wooden Sky at Tiger Bar. I’ve seen the RAA a handful of times now, and think they are just great. I wasn’t sure when I first saw them about the dynamics between the musicians, but now they seem like a mature group. All the performers are crucial to how the music sounds and how the shows go over. They each have their own personalities on stage, and . . . well, I gush. Good stuff. They won’t be playing another show for a while, which is too bad. But it means I’ll appreciate it all the more when I get to hang out with them again. (And I finally got myself a copy of their EP and a band t-shirt.)

The real draw of the evening—judging from how the crowd grew between sets—was The Wooden Sky. These guys are really good. Their music is pretty and mellow and just basically quality stuff. For the occasion the band members were done up like the dead—white and black face paint—which was kinda weird, but whatever. They played a good show; the crowd was very appreciative and got an encore out of them. Actually, I don’t remember bands playing true encores at any $5 show I’ve been to. So that’s something, I guess.

If I sound less than thrilled about the evening, though, I am. Easy Tiger, the show that was celebrating it’s first anniversary last night, is a dance party: after a band or two plays, the DJ takes over and hipsters and their (wannabe) girlfriends drink and sway on the dance floor. The Wooden Sky was, frankly, putting me to sleep during their set. The last two songs were more upbeat than the rest. But I was actually yawning. I was ready for excitement after the RAA’s set, which was mellow but still energetic, if you know what I mean. I don’t wish to quibble with the booker, but seriously: it seemed an odd choice to me. Great band, but wrong venue, night, and crowd for this.

By 1am I’d had enough of the hipsters and left, ready for bed. I’m all for mellow, but I don’t think Easy Tiger is the place for it.

At the moment I’m listening to and enjoying Oh No! Oh My! And getting back to work on my dissertation.

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