Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm better; I'm working.

Ok, I'm feeling much less like a crazed grad student today. All seems well with the world.

Yesterday was busy, but good. Although I did for a few hours think I hadn't been invited to a supervisor's book launch. I happened upon it when I arrived at Massey to set up a junior fellow lecture. First thing upon entering the building, I see the book . . . and then my main supervisor (now at Oxford)! Totally unexpected. Over the next few minutes I realized all these people I knew were there, and I hadn't even heard about it! Was feeling a little put out. But once I got home I discovered a phone message with the invitation. Phew. I couldn't have made it anyways, but it's good to know I wasn't completely forgotten.

Today I've been working, and have actually made some headway on my chapter. It hurts my brain, so I'm taking a break by putting together all 77 paper proposals the grad conference I'm helping organize received. Seventy-seven! I don't think we can even accept half that number.

And I now know that my supervisor hasn't forgotten about me, and we'll meet up in December when she's back in Toronto. Better have something more than what I've got now to show her . . . eek.

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