Sunday, September 24, 2006

Word on the Street.

I've just come back from a rainy few hours at the Word on the Street Festival at Queen's Park. I went not because of my love of all things books and publishing, but because I wanted to see an old prof of mine who was there hawking his latest book. AT also said I should come out and see him at his film magazine tent, so I did that too. There were tons of booky people milling about, and though I didn't buy any books, I did come away with a bookmark (advertising my prof's book), a t-shirt, and a book bag.

It was really nice to see old prof. again. He's great, and he might have a few things for me that I can use for my dissertation. As for AT, he was looking good, I finally got to talk with his girlfriend, J. She's super cool! Despite my feeling that I really need to cut back on the socializing, it looks like I now have two parties to go to next Saturday night. So it will be kind of like yesterday again, when FN and I went to a bachelorette outing and then headed off to JDS's birthday party at her and TC's place. Too many friends! (And I suppose I will put AT back on my "to invite to things" list, since I saw him today, had a nice late lunch with him on Wednesday afternoon, and am invited to his new place next weekend. Okay, AT: you're forgiven!)

Now, about the bachelorette thing. The woman getting married is originally a friend of FN's. A bunch of us met up at The Clay Room, where we chose ceramic pieces and then proceeded to paint them. FN did a vase, and I did a serving dish. We'll have to go pick them up in a week after they've been fired/glazed/whatever they do. I'll let you know how our attempt at art turns out! FN and I ditched out on the fancy (read: expensive) dinner to grab take-out gyros on the Danforth. Yum!

Now, about the bachelorette crowd. They are nice, pleasant people. They aren't especially exciting or entertaining. All this is fine, but it's just a little different for me. What I mean is that most of my friends are funny, entertaining people. When we get together, we laugh a lot. Or we have deep, interesting conversations. Or, often, both. It's great! I just passively assumed that this is true of most people, but now I think it may not be. I could be completely wrong, of course. At the very least, I can't imagine having the same kind of deep, wildly amusing conversation marathons with these people as I'm used to having with some other people.

The grown-up party at JDS and TC's place was really fun. I met or re-met some nice scientist-types, but of course the historians were the most entertaining ones there. Unfortunately, I completely lost track of time---I don't wear a watch---and all of a sudden it was 2:30am!! Wow, way to overstay our welcome, eh? Sorry JDS and TC! If it's any consolation, we were having an awesome time. Of the historians, AG, HD, DS, and DR are equally guilty of staying way too late.

Plans for tonight include eating a shawarma and baking banana bread. Oh, and perhaps working on my dissertation proposal. I think it's due at the end of the week.

P.S. FN is sick. She wants sympathy and bouquets of flowers.

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