Thursday, September 14, 2006

Spending too much money.

Oy. But I need stuff. So money must be spent. And I'm gonna spend more soon on a digital camera. This is a necessary tool for a historian. And I'll get a good deal.

In other news, my laptop is driving me crazy. It keeps switching between battery power and power power (you know what I mean). I'm pretty sure the only solution is to reinstall Windows. So, as you can imagine, I've been putting it off. I'll need to backup all my data soon, though, and get it over with, because I need a properly functioning laptop for when I go off on my research trips.

Speaking of which, I'm going to head back to Ottawa soon for a visit with my mom and to hang out at a couple archives there. And I've got a date to talk to an archivist in Minneapolis soon, after which I should be able to plan my trip down there.

HD and I went shopping today to pick up a shower gift for a friend and fellow historian who is expecting. The party's on Saturday evening, and it should be a lot of good, clean fun! (That's the best kind, after all.) It'll be a full weekend: on Sunday a bunch of us are going for dim sum in Chinatown (yum), and I've got another party on that evening. And Friday's the first meeting of our student association. That should be good. I'm also contemplating going to a similarish meeting at Massey tomorrow (er, this) evening. Should I get involved in things there, or should I just go to the occasional social event? By the way, if I get elected to any position at the college, I get to have dinner with the Swedish royal family in October (well, we'll all be in the dining hall at the same time, anyway). What do you think?

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